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      As the most powerful earthquake in 140 years struck Japan, experts from across the globe are eagerly awaiting the data.  It is a once in lifetime oppurtunity to make nuclear generation safer throughout the world.  This disaster also highlights the robustness of the safety systems, even on the older reactor designs.  Japan has embraced nuclear power due to it’s lack of natural resources and strong contruction and engineering business culture.  53 reactors provide Japan with 35% of its electrical power.  Making it the third largest nuclear power generating country on earth.

     In the wake of a 8.9 magnitude earthquake,  the most powerful in 140 years in Japan:  Officials there have taken 12 reactors off line as a precaution.  The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is currently experiencing cooling problems and a state of emergency has been declared.  The design used at the Fukushima site is the older BWR (Boiling Water Reactor) Designed by GE with Idaho National Laboritories in the 1950’s.

Hello friends.  I believe an introduction is in order.  We are ncnuke.  The self appointed watchdogs of America’s energy independence.  We believe in safe nuclear power.  The truth is in the numbers.

64-     There are 64 commercial nuclear power generation sites in the USA.

20%- They provide the USA with 20% of its electrical power generation.

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