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We at ncnuke have been going over the press release issued by GE Hitachi spokesman Michael Tetuan in order to give our readers some insight.    It indicates that the reactors funtioned well through the historically intense earthquake.  The tsunami was responsible for damaging the diesel powered backup generators, resulting in the power failure.  The press release indicates specifically one very interesting class of assistance.   Continue reading

We here at ncnuke are committed to providing our readers with the most topical information available.  We are working on exclusive content and are redesigning our site for better access.  Starting tomorrow the new redesign will be launched.

     GE Hitachi Spokesman Michael Tetuan released the following statement to ncnuke. Continue reading

Some background for our readers.  Fuel rods are removed from a reactor during the refueling process.  The old rods that are removed are referred to as spent fuel.  These rods, although no longer optimal for producing electricity in a reactor are still highly radioactive and filled with energy.  This spent fuel has long been the biggest problem in the electrical industry. Continue reading

Reports are filtering in that the radiation being released has a half life of 30-45 secounds. Yes this is a very serious situation, but all the major news outlets are going alittle to far with it…

Big news from ncnuke

Ncnuke is excited to announce that we have lined up an exclusive guest commitator. Republican Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano plans to release a statement to we will keep you posted on the release date.

An “explosive impact” occurred at the No. 2 reactor at a quake-damaged nuclear power plant in Japan, plant’s owner says.

Despite the unfolding tragedy in Japan.  GE Hitachi in Castle Hayne is reporting that all 44 workers are safe.  They are arranging for their safe return.  When a reactor needs service the utility brings in off site technicians to expedite the labor intensive work.  Jobs such as refueling and repairs require many more people than the utility has on staff.  This is because

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As we have discussed here before, The GE Mark 1 BWR (Boiling Water Reactor) has its root in the 1950,s.  Back then the engineers could not have imagined supporting this design in the year 2011.  It is sort of like trying to get a 1955 Chevy to meet all of todays safety and crash standards.  In fact GE has done a remarkable job.  It is also a testament to the sheer robustness of the design.

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