We at ncnuke have been going over the press release issued by GE Hitachi spokesman Michael Tetuan in order to give our readers some insight.    It indicates that the reactors funtioned well through the historically intense earthquake.  The tsunami was responsible for damaging the diesel powered backup generators, resulting in the power failure.  The press release indicates specifically one very interesting class of assistance.  

In addition to arguably the best and most brilliant minds in the nuclear field at Japanese officials disposal.  Today Tepco requested that GE deliver truck mounted gas turbines which could provide temporary power.  These gas turbines themselves are miracles of modern technology.  Commonly referred to as jet engines by the public, they power everything fron jets, to the M1 Abrams tank, to military and commercial ships.  GE is a recognized world leader in this technology.  A large reliable source of power should be a welcome relief to officials locked in this life or death struggle.  These turbines although expensive are very efficient, robust, flexible and present a very small footprint on the ground.  Also what can not be questioned in this disaster is the quality of the containment vessel design and construction of the GE Mark 1 BWR.