The influential Washington based think tank , The Institute for Science and International Security;  states that the situation in Japan is more serious than the International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES) present rating of 4 out of 7.  They claim the scale should now rate the disaster as a 6 out of 7.  And that it may need to be rated as a 7 out of 7.  We will give are readers a breakdown of the scale.


1, An Anomoly

2, An Incident

3, Serious Incident

4, Accident With Local Consequences

5, Accident With Wider Consequences

6, Serious Accident

7, Major Accident


Chernobyl, the worst nuclear accident ever was categorized as a 7.

Three Mile Island, the worst ever in the U.S. is categorized as a 5.


In the opinion of the staff at ncnuke, this think tank acts as more of a watchdog group.  Only time will tell if their opinions and predictions are right.