As the world continues to monitor the crisis in Japan;  NCNUKE is busy at work to provide our readers with the most topical information.  The Fukushima Daiichi 1 reactor is a GE Mark 1 BWR (Boiling Water Reactor).  It is the same reactor design used by the Brunswick Station in Southport NC.  Here is a list of all the GE Mark 1 reactors in the USA.

Browns Ferry Units 1,2, and 3

Hope Creek
Brunswick Unit 1, and 2
Dresden, Unit 2, and 3
Duane Arnold
Hatch Unit 1, and 2
Fermi, Unit 2
Nine Mile Point 1
Oyster Creek
Peach Bottom Units 2, and 3
Quad Cities Units 1, and 2
Vermont Yankee

It has to be remembered that not only has Fukushima withstood an earthquake and a sunami of biblical proportions.  Also that repair efforts have been severely hampered by the size of the disaster.  NCNUKE will keep you updated.