Hello friends.  I believe an introduction is in order.  We are ncnuke.  The self appointed watchdogs of America’s energy independence.  We believe in safe nuclear power.  The truth is in the numbers.

64-     There are 64 commercial nuclear power generation sites in the USA.

20%- They provide the USA with 20% of its electrical power generation.

3741-  Billion Kilowatt Hours.  This is how much electrical power was consumed in the USA in 2009.

3-     There are 3 nuclear power generation sites in North Carolina.

5-     There are 5 reactors at these sites.

58-  France has 58 nuclear reactors

80%-  France derives 80% of its electricity from these reactors.

How in the world did France surpass the USA?  Why has the USA  needlessly squandered its technological lead in nuclear power.  These are a few of the questions we are going to explore.  But be warned.  The nuclear power world is a murky world where secrets and lies are the name of the game.  We will talk to the principles, and root through the facts.  In the end we will lay them all out in front of you.  We invite you to come along.