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NCNUKE has received an update from GE Hitachi headquarters in Wilmington NC.  It contains very insightful information.  Read their press release and NCNUKE’s take on it below.

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Workers have returned to the Fukushima nuclear site.  ncnuke reported that they had been withdrawn earlier after a sudden spike in radioactivity was detected.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano reported that the approximately 50 workers who had been working on cooling the crippled reactors at Fukushima Daiichi had been temporarily withdrawn.  A sudden spike in radiation levels caused the safety measure.  As always we at ncnuke will try to break down some of this information for our readers. View full article »

We at ncnuke have been going over the press release issued by GE Hitachi spokesman Michael Tetuan in order to give our readers some insight.    It indicates that the reactors funtioned well through the historically intense earthquake.  The tsunami was responsible for damaging the diesel powered backup generators, resulting in the power failure.  The press release indicates specifically one very interesting class of assistance.   View full article »

The influential Washington based think tank , The Institute for Science and International Security;  states that the situation in Japan is more serious than the International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES) present rating of 4 out of 7.  They claim the scale should now rate the disaster as a 6 out of 7.  And that it may need to be rated as a 7 out of 7.  We will give are readers a breakdown of the scale.


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We here at ncnuke are committed to providing our readers with the most topical information available.  We are working on exclusive content and are redesigning our site for better access.  Starting tomorrow the new redesign will be launched.

     GE Hitachi Spokesman Michael Tetuan released the following statement to ncnuke. View full article »

Some background for our readers.  Fuel rods are removed from a reactor during the refueling process.  The old rods that are removed are referred to as spent fuel.  These rods, although no longer optimal for producing electricity in a reactor are still highly radioactive and filled with energy.  This spent fuel has long been the biggest problem in the electrical industry. View full article »

This is to advise our readers that NCNUKE has urged the State Department to send the Kaman K-Max unmanned helicopter to Japan.  Kaman along with Lockheed has been testing this heavy lift design for years.  It can lift 6000 lbs.  Can be operated remotely, and could be used virtually around the clock.  See the links below. View full article »